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These notes typically describe information I have gathered for various works in progress. The information presented below is probably useful but also likely dangerous. Do your due dilligence on anything you find on this internet, especially this!

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Openebs Jiva/Cstor Performance Timings

James Blackwell

What sort of performance impact does Jiva replication have on drive performance in K8s? I wasn’t able to find any recent, quick numbers, so I did some quick and sloppy testing for myself and was shocked by the results…

Ceph in K8s

James Blackwell

In this note, I cover the details that I have uncovered thus far with rook and ceph. Ceph is a distributed filesystem that provides persistent storage, S3-like object store and NFS support in one happy container. Ceph can be quite difficult to install the first couple times. Rook is intended to make deploying Ceph much easier.