About me

Hello, My name is James! I’m a devops engineer by both trade and heart.

Tandy CoCo 2

My nerdlife started when a friend’s father brought home a teensy little computer named the Timex Sinclair 1000. characters. My opportunities with the machine were limited, but I became quicly hooked. Within a few months, I had my own computer of my own, a Tandy Color Computer 2, also known as a CoCo2. These machines, sold at Radio Shack, were rather limited in nature, having sported 16K of ram, a 0.896Mhz processor and a 32x16 text display. Mine came with a tape drive that was horribly unreliable, but such were the times. Within a couple years, I got my hands on a Commodore 64, started programming trivial little things, and even ran a BBS for a bit named the Hidden Alcove. I miss you Fidonet….

I joined the military shotly after high school, where I learned electronics, radio & radar and other such skills as would befit someone focused on Naval Weapon systems. At the time, I couldn’t stand the experience, but my fondness for this time period has grown over time. Thanks to the Navy, I had the chance to see half a dozen countries before I could legally drink in my own country!

Onboard ship, I eventually ended up in the Computer repair shop. There, I managed a Netware 3.11 network and learned to work with X86. At home, I went from DOS, to OS/2 Warp, eventaully migrating to Slackware 3.0. The ability to run my own web and mailservers was intoxicating, and I became hooked for life.

Cape Cod AD-43

My first subdomain