Current Projects

  • Song of the Day Is a Slack bot written in golang to provide jukebox support to group channels

  • MFA Is a small app for sytems to do totp keys (six digit mfa auth)

  • chef_k8s_docker is docker container to run Chef Cinc as a scalable container.

  • openvpn_k8s Access your local network from the outside world by running openvpn inside your k8s infrastructure!

  • k8s_tf An on-metal buildout of K8s including MetalLB, Cert-Manager, OpenEBS, internal docker registry and a fully scaleable Chef Cinc

  • text_spam A Bayes filter to detect spam texts

Older Projects

  • Go-Carbon A couple minor fixes to go-carbon

  • Freeciv I ran freeciv development for a short period of time in 1997. The most most useful thing I did for the project was to get the source code into cvs, becuase Git was yet to be a thing

  • I was a core developer for both GNU Arch and Bazaar, invented by Thomas Lord (rest in peace), were two of the earliest decentralized revision control systems.

  • The Linux Kernel with a teensy fix for toshiba laptops.

  • BizScanner was a tool to scrape business registrations in all 50 states and report on changed records.